AC Repair Tempe

Everybody wants to live in a comfortable home — a cool haven where they can find refuge when the temperature outside gets too hot to handle. And perhaps, nothing can make a home more relaxing than a fully-functional air conditioning system.

A malfunctioning AC unit can cause physical distress and discomfort, which becomes magnified when you live and work in a desert city like Tempe. Like everywhere else in Arizona, perfectly working air conditioners are a non-negotiable around here, especially during the hotter months of the year. When the temperature outside rises to the triple digits, heat can quickly gather inside indoor spaces and make them feel stuffy and stifling hot.

Has your AC system been acting up lately?

Is it not running as efficiently as it used to? Don’t let the heat get the better of you! Call IM HVAC right away and set up a same-day appointment with us!

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Our experienced technicians can handle all types of air conditioning repair in Tempe. Whatever air conditioning issue you’re dealing with, we will be able to diagnose and repair it for you correctly the first time!

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Tempe AC Service You Can Count On

Appliances are susceptible to damage, break downs, and malfunctions – and AC units are no exception. If anything, AC systems in Arizona are more prone to system failures because they’re often overworked and overused.

Even a single day without air conditioning can be very troublesome and may lead to unimaginable stress around here. But if you notice and act on the issue quick enough, you won’t have to deal with the discomforts caused by faulty AC for long. Getting the problem fixed as soon as possible will also prevent further damage to the system and save you hundreds of dollars in future repair costs.

Every Tempe resident deserves a trustworthy and capable AC repair service company that can be there whenever you need them – and this is exactly what IM HVAC has to offer!

Whether your system has power issues, drainage problems or any other complications, our highly-skilled and certified HVAC repair technicians can quickly and effectively take care of the problem.

Through accurate diagnosis and competent repairs, we will not only resolve the issue but also make sure that your AC system exhibits high performance throughout the season and beyond!

For quality air conditioning service in Tempe, Arizona, choose IM HVAC!

New AC Units

Are you planning to install a new air conditioner or replace your old one? Speak to one of our expert installers to find out the best unit for your specific application. Whether you need a new AC for your home, establishment, or industrial space, we can hook you up with the right system for increased efficiency.

Beat the heat with IM HVAC’s professional AC installation service! Give us a call at (602) 300-3793 today!

AC Tune-up

Never underestimate the necessity for regular AC tune-up, especially in Arizona, where air conditioning systems have to run around-the-clock to fight the heat. If you want your AC unit to keep functioning as intended while keeping energy bills down, you need to invest in routine AC maintenance at least once a year.

IM HVAC offers comprehensive air conditioner tune-ups for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces in Tempe. Our AC maintenance deals are not only reliable – they’re a steal! Learn how you can take advantage of our regular AC tune-up and AC repair Tempe offers by calling (602) 300-3793.

Heating Repair

Given the complex nature of heating systems, they require in-depth knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to fix and stay fixed. Whether you need help with heaters, boilers, heat pumps, or furnaces, our experienced technicians can quickly identify the issue and bring back your heating system’s optimal performance.

Seasons in Arizona can be pretty extreme. IM HVAC is here to ensure that your property is comfortable all-year-round. Get in touch with us at (602) 300-3793 for a free HVAC repair Tempe estimate.

Heating Installation

Heating systems undergo a lot of wear and tear due to constant and daily use during winter and the year’s colder months. While you can always call IM HVAC to repair your heater every time it malfunctions, you will have to replace the unit at some point – when it’s too old, becomes very inefficient, or costs too much to fix.

IM HVAC specializes in both residential and commercial heating installation. We will not only install a new system for you, but we will also assess your space and help you choose the appropriate heating product to ensure its peak performance and efficiency. Call (602) 300-3793 for a free consultation with one of our HVAC experts.

Heating Tune-up

Scheduling a regular heating tune-up and maintenance with IM HVAC will ensure that all the components of your heating system are in good working condition, so you don’t encounter problems when you turn up your heater on the first chilly morning of the year.

Our comprehensive heating tune-up and inspection caters to all types of heating systems – older models as well as new ones. Rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about your heaters come fall and winter seasons. Contact us at (602) 300-3793 to schedule an appointment.