AC Maintenance and Tune-Up In Phoenix

Ongoing maintenance and tune-ups are a necessity if you own an AC Unit in Phoenix. Regular checkups and servicing on your air conditioner will ensure the unit’s lifespan and efficiency are maximized. Replacing a smaller part before a system completely fails helps to prevent larger repair costs or having to replace the entire system.

The Phoenix climate is especially hard on AC units. Routine AC maintenance and tune-ups will ensure the health and safety of your system. The goal is to ensure that you and your family continue to experience peace of mind in a cool and comfortable environment.

Integrity Mechanical offers services for your air conditioning including maintenance programs and tune-ups for both residential and commercial buildings all across the greater Phoenix area. Our goal is to keep your unit healthy reliable and strong to deliver maximum comfort during the extreme Arizona summer heat.

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Achieve Peace of Mind with an AC Inspection and Tune-up

Integrity Mechanical’s AC maintenance agreement is built to provide you with peace of mind. Our customers have confidence knowing that their system is well maintained and running strong.

The excessive heat in Phoenix can be especially hard on your AC unit. During certain summer months, your AC can run twenty-four hours per day, sometimes seven days per week, fighting hard against the 110 degree plus heat. With monsoons, humidity and soaring temperatures your unit is put to the test. Regular tune-ups can ensure that your system can withstand harsh conditions, run efficiently and battle the hot and humid temperatures. Routine AC maintenance and tune-ups should be looked at as an investment to ensure your air conditioning unit continues to function at peak performance.

Regular maintenance can help ensure all minor problems with your AC system can be identified and fixed, before they become major and expensive repairs. Small imperfections can have an exponential impact on your unit’s performance and over time can become costly repairs. Our technicians will perform a complete AC system inspection to ensure that your air conditioning system is performing at optimal levels, able to combat the Phoenix summer heat.

This includes the evaluation of…

  • Refrigerant levels, ensuring your system is charged to manufacturer specs with no restrictions so it’s running at peak performance.
  • Leaks in line-set, coils, service valves.
  • Insulation for line-set.
  • Capacitors within tolerance, frequently need replacement to ensure a healthy unit.
  • Motors, making sure the engine that keeps your system running is up to standards.
  • Amp draws, ensuring the electrical system is healthy and efficient.
  • Compressor windings, run amps, and LRA (start amps).
  • Electrical connections, secure good and consistent power is critical to a functioning unit.
  • Defrost cycle.
  • Control boards aren’t discolored from overheating or future failure.
  • Reversing valve switching back and forth with no issues.
  • Relays working.
  • Contactors aren’t pitted.
  • Reversing valve switching back and forth with no issues.
  • Breaker is correct size.
  • Squirrel cage is balanced and clean.
  • Service disconnect as well as high voltage wires covered and connected safely.
  • Condenser and evap coils, should be cleaned to help maintain your unit’s efficiency.
  • Corrosion of coils.
  • Condenser clear of debri.
  • Evaporators, confirming they are able to keep the air dry and running efficiently.
  • Drains, good drainage of condensation makes for a healthy unit Condensation line.
  • Primary drain pan has no cracks and is clean.
  • Secondary drain pan is clean.
  • Check thermostats to make sure they’re functioning properly within desired efficiency levels.
  • Look for low voltage or dust affecting thermostat connections and clean the touch screen.
  • Return correct size and clean.
  • Air filters, must be replaced monthly to ensure good airflow.
  • Airflow, a well-balanced system is critical to cooling the entire home.
  • Ductwork (leaks, pinched, sized correctly, balanced, dirty, hung correctly).
  • Insulation levels.
  • Attic inspection for leaks, insulation, openings to outside, ventilation.
  • Air quality (dust, co2, smells).
  • Correct size of system.
  • Level condenser / condenser pad and handler.

An early diagnosis of issues with any of these components can help to avoid a more costly repair down the line.

Integrity Mechanical is the best team for commercial and residential units in need of regular AC maintenance.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, you can trust we have the best technicians to serve your needs. We maintain the highest quality of standards and ensure you get the best treatment from trained technicians, at a cost fit for your needs. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC company in and around Phoenix, call Integrity Mechanical.

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