Phoenix Heating Installation Services

IM HVAC understands that you and your family’s comfort relies on a properly functioning heating system. Our team of expert technicians will work to make your new installation as seamless and cost effective as possible.

Investing in a new heating system is unlikely to be a priority for what a homeowner would like to spend their money on. The reality is, replacing a heater or furnace at the proper time will save a homeowner money in the long run.

If you are searching for professional installation services for a new heating system at an honest and fair price, look no further than IM HVAC. We have the skills and experience to make your home’s heater replacement and installation experience great. We install all makes and models of heating systems with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee!

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What Heating System Should You have Installed?

There are a range of factors you should consider when choosing the best heating system for your needs. The first factor is the size of your unit and its efficiency.

Another common option for homeowners in Phoenix would be gas furnaces. Gas furnace heating systems still provide reliable warmth while maintaining energy efficiency. The experts at IM HVAC will work with you to discuss all heating system options available for your unique needs.

When Should You Replace Your Heater or Furnace?

If you’re thinking about having a new heating system installed, it’s
important to consider the factors below…

01 How Old is your Heating System?

Do you know when your heating system was manufactured? How long has it been in your home? Unless you can verify the age of your system with the written materials that came with it, your heating unit may be older than you realize.

While an older system may not mean you have to get a replacement, it’s a painful realization when you find out your system may be closer to the end of it’s life than you originally thought.

If your system begins to show signs of its age, or you are facing expensive repair costs, then you’ll want to consider replacing the system all together.

02 Lack of Heating Efficiency.

Even if your system is running at a somewhat reliable level, a lack of efficiency could be costly for your energy bills. When a heating system is utilizing too much energy, the additional cost to your energy bills often add up to be more than the upfront cost of a replacement system.

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How To Take Care Of
Your Heating System

The regular replacement of filters and scheduled preventative maintenance will ensure your heating system has a long and efficient life. If you know your heating system needs a check up, a quick call to IM HVAC’s team of experts will get you set up with everything you need to maximize the life of your heating system.