Dependable Heating Repair In Phoenix

Although Arizona is best known for its scorching heat in the summer, if you’ve experienced the weather during the winter months, you know it can get quite chilly. With night temperatures reaching anywhere from mid ‘30s to low ‘40s, you can guarantee you will want your heater to be working properly. So if you find yourself freezing even when the heater is on, call the experienced experts at IM HVAC and we will get your heater back up and running so you can sleep soundly…and warmly of course.

When you require fast, efficient and affordable heating repair in Arizona, IM is the go-to heating expert. With over 20 years of experience, you can count on IM HVAC to get the job done right.

Call IM HVAC for any Air Repair Service Needs if you’re looking for…
  • 24/Hour Emergency AC Repair Service.
  • Honest Assessments and Pricing.
  • Prompt Response Times.
  • Guaranteed Comfort Brought Back Into Your Home.

Phoenix’s Leading Heat Experts

IM HVAC knows that when your heater breaks or stops working all together it can be an inconvenience, especially if it occurs during the middle of the night in the winter. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency service so no matter what time of day or night, we can promptly repair your heater.


We care about our customers and take pride in getting to know them all while carefully listening to their heating repair problems and assessing the right solution. Whether you are needing heating repair, service, maintenance, tune-ups or a replacement, IM HVAC is there for all of your heating needs.

IM HVAC also knows that a broken or malfunctioning heater is not only a physical inconvenience, but also a financial one. To help ease any financial stress, we provide up-front pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also have financing options available so you can pay at your own pace without breaking the bank.

When To Seek Heater Repair

Minimize the risk of your heater completely breaking by noticing these few
telltale signs that your heater isn’t working properly.

01 You Feel No Heat When You Turn the Heater On.

When you go and turn the thermostat on to heat and you feel cold air or no warmth coming through, this could be a sign you have a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. It is recommended to call IM HVAC to have our heating experts accurately diagnose the problem.

02 Lack of Heating Efficiency.

If you turn on your heater and notice it goes to your desired temperature, but ultimately continues to drop degrees, there may be an issue. First ensure your air filter is clean (recommended to change every 1 month), if that is not the issue, next ensure the air vents are open. If all of those are not the issue or do not fix it, a technician is needed to find and fix the heating issue.

03 Your HVAC System is Loud When Running.

A noisy HVAC system is not only bothersome, but can indicate there is a problem. If you can hear banging, clashing, etc. coming from your heater, this could be the result of several potential issues. To prevent further damage from occurring, quickly turn off your heater. Then call IM HVAC immediately and one of our heating repair technicians will be on their way to assess and provide a solution to the issue.

04 Erratic Cycles.

If you notice your heater system will turn on and off spontaneously, this might be the sign of overheating, thus making a full cycle not possible resulting in short cycles. When this issue occurs, reach out to the heating experts at IM HVAC to properly diagnose the issue and get your heater fixed so you can go back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

05 Increase in Utility Bills.

A rise in any bill is concerning, but when your utility bills show a spike, and you have not been using the heater as much as the numbers are showing, it is likely your heater has an issue with efficiency. The IM HVAC team can identify the issue with your heater, and bring your bills back down.

How To Prevent Costly Heating Repairs

When any part of your HVAC system breaks, it is an inconvenience that could leave you pinching pennies. But, affordable heating maintenance and heating system tune-ups from the IM HVAC technicians can prevent your heater from breaking down, and help you save thousands of dollars in the long run. Call or request a quote online to set up your next maintenance or tune-up appointment!